The World Leader In Wide Format Ink


STSSTS is your best source for ultra premium quality ink for wide/large format, industrial and household printers. Our specialties also include custom formulated food grade, industrial and postal inks.

Shahar Turgeman, an expert engineer and software developer who is responsible for inventing most of the cutting edge technology that you see today in most inkjet cartridge refill machines, founded STS Refill Technology in 1999. STS opened its first U.S. manufacturing facility in 2005 and its headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida. STS now has distributors throughout the United State, South America, Asia and Europe.

STS replacment inks are manufactured to match original OEM ink color and performance. STS does not release a new ink until it equals or exceeds OEM quality. STS has developed ink dispersant composition for pigmented inks that provides the consistent fluidity required by find injection nozzles. Don’t be fooled by other OEM ink alternatives. Not all alternatives are made to the highest quality standards like STS. We guarantee only true OEM quality!


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