At STS Inks® we understand the advantages of using Mild Solvent inks for large formant printing, that’s why we have developed an excellent ink alternative for Seiko®’s ColorPainter H-74S and H-104S  printer series.
STS Inks® premium Mild Solvent inks for ColorPainter printers are based on a special formulation that allows a faster drying time, helping you deliver excellent printouts faster.
All of STS Inks® ultra premium Mild Solvent inks for Seiko® ColorPainter H-74S and H-104S  printer series are presented in cost-effective 1500mL bags, allowing your business to print large jobs with excellent results all while avoiding you frequent cartridge changes.
Our Mild Solvent inks are formulated exclusively for the ColorPainter and are offered in eight colors: Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Gray, Light Gray and Black. Mild Solvent inks provide outstanding color saturation, producing vibrant images even in high-speed production modes on different kinds of media.
STS Inks® Cartridges and Bags are based on our Plug & Play technology, guaranteeing all users a perfect result, just as using original inks.
Our STS ultra premium Mild Solvent ink for ColorPainter is Made in the USA for outstanding quality and performance that you can count on.
Visit our Seiko® IP7 GX inks section on our website and discover all the advantages of using our inks, because at STS Inks®, Color is in Our DNA!