At STS Inks® we’re pioneering into the outdoor flexible UV curable inks market with our brand new IJC-257 replacement inks for OCÉ Arizona® GLGT and XTprofessional flatbed printers.
STS Inks® premium UV inks for OCÉ Arizona® flatbed printers are based on a special microscopic dot formulation produced with a high pigment content, which delivers near-photographic image quality for nearly any applications providing exceptional results on almost any rigid or flexible substrate.
All of STS Inks® ultra premium Flexible IJC-257 UV curable inks for OCÉ Arizona® flatbed printers are available in two cost effective sizes, 800mL and 2000mL bulk bags, which consist of a quick changing ink system that reduces waste, mess, and operator intervention, allowing your business to print large jobs faster and easier than ever before, increasing your graphics revenue at the same time!
STS Inks® is one of the only brands to offer a solid and efficient solution to the OCÉ Arizona® radio frequency identification (RFID) electromagnetic chip, that guarantees trouble-free operation.
Our Flexible Outdoor UV curable inks are formulated exclusively for the OCÉ Arizona® GLGT and XT Series and are offered in seven colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta and White. Our Flexible UV inks provide superb image detail, smooth color transitions and vivid, uniform solid colors.
STS Inks® bulk bags are based on our Plug & Play technology, guaranteeing all users a perfect result, the same results as using original inks.
Our STS ultra premium Outdoor Flexible UV inks for OCÉ Arizona® flatbed printers are proudly Made in the USA, manufactured with quality and performance that you can always count on.
Visit our OCÉ Arizona® IJC-257 inks section on our website and discover all the advantages of using our inks, because at STS Inks®, Color is in Our DNA!