If you have a wide format printer, you probably go through a lot of ink. Depending on how often you use it, you might have a stack of used cartridges that you would probably have to throw away. Even if you only use your large format printer occasionally, do not throw out your depleted cartridges. Recycling those cartridges is not just economical, it is also environmentally friendly.


While you could simply buy brand new cartridges every time you run out of ink, recycling those old ink cartridges is a great way to save money. Many brands will offer you discount off of new cartridges when you send in old ones, while some will offer you discounted ink and will just refill the same cartridges over and over for you. Either way, you will be saving money, which, if you use your large format printer on a daily basis, is a huge perk.


Environmentally Friendly 

Besides saving money, recycling your wide format printer cartridges is a great way to save the planet. While one of these cartridges might not look very big, think about how many you throw out over the life of your printer. Then, think about how many everyone who uses large format printers throws out just over the space of a year. That adds up to thousands of pounds of waste that have to go into landfills every year. Recycling your cartridges allows you to remove hundreds of pounds of plastic waste from landfills every year.


Other Ways to Reduce Printing Waste 

Printing is not always the most environmentally friendly practice. Recycling your large format printer cartridges is better for your pocket and environmentally friendly. Here are some other tips to help you reduce your printing waste:


  • When printing, decrease the extra margins on the sides of the page to fit more text or more pictures on a single sheet of printing.


  • Always proofread and spellcheck before printing so you can simply avoid having to throw away your printed project due to careless mistakes and having to print it again, wasting time, money, paper, and ink.


For more tips about decreasing printing waste or to learn more about how to recycle your wide format printer cartridges, check out our website.