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Cartridge recycling program

Get cash for your empty Epson® and HP®ink cartridges

How to participate in the program

Collect 12 or more empty OEM cartridges, mail them to us (we pay for shipping) and you’ll receive up to $2 per cartridge.

What cartridges we Recycle:

Hewlett Packard®:
  • HP771
  • HP789
  • HP792
  • HP831
  • Ultra Chrome GS 950mL (T624xxx)
  • Ultra Chrome GS2 700mL (T689xxx)
  • Ultra Chrome GSX 700mL (T715xxx)
  • Ultra Chrome XD700mL (T694xxx)
  • UltraChrome HDR 700mL (T636xxx)
  • UltraChrome HDR 350mL(T596xxx)

To receive your pre-paid shipping label, complete the form below: (* fields are mandatory)

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Please make sure that the weight and dimensions of your package are accurate so STS Inks can email you a prepaid shipping label.

Rules & Conditions:

  • Minimum 12 cartridges per submission.
  • Only original Epson or HP that have not been damaged, altered or tampered with are elegible.
  • Previously refilled STS Inks cartridges are also acceptable.
  • Does not apply to cartridges that have been refilled with other 3rd party inks.
  • We will review the cartridges upon receipt and credit only for the ones deemed usable.
  • Unusable cartridges will not be returned.
  • Rules and conditions are subject to change without notice.